Susan Vitalis, M.D.

Physician, Author, Speaker, World Traveler

Susan Vitalis, M.D.

Dr. Susan Vitalis has a passion for helping the helpless, bringing hope to the hopeless, and empowering those who feel powerless. 

After graduating from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, Susan completed a Family Medicine residency in Minneapolis and then went to Kenya for her first of many mission experiences. 

World Traveler

Susan subsequently split her time between Minnesota and other parts of the world, including Somalia, Southern Sudan, Rwanda, Central African Republic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, Egypt, Jordan, Mongolia and Tibet.

Current Life

Dr. Vitalis lives in Battle Lake, Minnesota, where she spends her time swimming, stand up paddle-boarding (SUP),walking her dog, speaking and writing.


Discovering Hope in the Unexpected

Book by Susan Vitalis



Finding hope within tragedy, Susan Vitalis was following God’s call and finding extreme satisfaction in making it into a vocation. She dedicated her medical training to serving the underserved, and had practiced in 15 of the most poverty-stricken countries in the world. But when tragedy struck, performing that calling was no longer possible. Traversing that wilderness of loneliness and uncertainty was neither simple nor easy, but with God’s help, she found the wisdom to start again and make a new calling into a new vocation. Redirecting is an authentic look into what it means to listen to not only the good but the best God has for your life.


Kevin Wallevand, Television news reporter, WDAY

“Dr. Susan Vitalis tells a riveting story of faith and vocation that all of us can learn from. Her life mission is filled with promise and despair…faith, challenges, and victories. Susan provokes all of us to stand back and look at our own lives and be grateful our jobs can also be an amazing calling and faith-filled journey.”

David Stevens, M.D., M.A.

“[Susan Vitalis'] book is a gift to you. She has traveled tens of thousands of miles, sacrificed hundreds of thousands of dollars of income, put her life at risk in war and epidemic zones, and given up her comfort to learn the priceless principles she is freely sharing with you... Go out on the proverbial limb, and then hand God the saw to cut it off so you are only dependent on Him. That is what Susan did, and God used her to change the world in ways she never imagined.”

Kirk A. Milhoan, M.D., Ph.D., FAAP, FACC

“I have known Susan Vitalis over the span of two decades. We have been to the uttermost parts of the world together, serving children and families in villages few ever knew existed. She has and continues to let no personal adversity quench her passion and desire to share God’s love and message of hope to a physically and spiritually hurting world. She speaks with wisdom and experience, which has been borne in the crucible of suffering. Her faith and her resilience have been tested and she continues to stand on the foundation of faith in Jesus Christ. She is giving us the privilege of seeing the road God ordained for her. In Redirecting, there is much we can learn from her journey and insights.”

Hannah Rhinehart Team Member, Mission Medics to Nicaragua

“Dr. Susan Vitalis beautifully captures the triumphs, tragedy, and grit of medical missions in the developing world. Be drawn in by her master storytelling ability in Redirecting: Discovering Hope in the Unexpected. An excellent read for college students searching for mission and purpose, and churchgoers looking to transition from lethargy to action.”


Susan travels all over the country speaking at events, motivating crowds with her life experiences. 


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