Inspiring  speeches and programs given by the empowering and intriguing Susan Vitalis, M.D.

1. Who Am I & What Am I Here For

  • I will discuss how we can look at our lives based on these two simple questions.

2. The Power Of One Among Ones

  • I will discuss the analogy of a water drop and its contribution to the waterfall in whole; there’s power in one but even more power together working as one.

3. Empowering Women

  • I will discuss the impact of empowering women worldwide. This topic is especially important today as women all around the world seek ways to express who they are and the benefits that women have on our society as well as the world in general.

4. Safe In The Center Of God's Will

  • Being safe in God’s will does not mean we will always be protected from harm or death. I will share my life story and how God has provided me with His protection and safety during times of danger, pain, and as I made the decision to pass the torch to those interested in serving the under-served.

5. Hope In A Hurting World

  • We are the hope for the world. How do we deliver hope? What does hope look like? What is my role? What is your role? 

Previous presentations

  • “Safe in the Center of God’s Will.” Keynote speaker, Concordia College Founders’ Society Day Banquet.
  • “Life and Death in the Third World.” Presenter at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Biology & Biotechnology Research Program, Bio-defense Division, Livermore, CA.
  • “Health Care Under Fire.” Presenter at the Fifteenth Annual Nobel Peace Prize Forum. Striving For Peace: A World Without Borders.
  • “Caring for the World’s Children: Chinese and African Experiences.” Presenter at the Ninth Annual Faith, Reason, and World Affairs Symposium: Who Cares For Our Children?
  • “The Least of These.” Guest speaker, Fuglestad Memorial Lecture, Concordia College.
  • 4 May 2017; Mind Matters, TBI support group, West Fargo, ND.   Link to Progressive Therapy Associates
  • 18 May 2017; Chapel, Oak Grove Lutheran School, Fargo, ND.   Link to Oak Grove Lutheran School
  • 28 May 2017; Commencement, Oak Grove Lutheran School Graduation, Fargo, ND.
  • 3 October 2017; Atonement Lutheran Church, 6:30 pm, Fargo, ND   Link to Atonement Lutheran Church
  • 8 October 2017; Eagle Lake Lutheran Church, 9:00 am, Battle Lake, MN   Link to Eagle Lake Lutheran Church
  • 20-21 October 2017; Calvary Chapel South Maui, Women’s Retreat, Maui, Hawaii, “Who am I and What am I Here For?” Link to Calvary Chapel South Maui

Susan Vitalis, M.D.

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